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Anyone know why Jenkins multibranch pipeline would refuse to create build branches for my Bit Bucket repo?A Jenkins file exists in the root of the project, but it simply says "Does not meet criteria" with no real details: git fetch --tags --progress origin refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* --prune Getting remote branches...There is also certain material, the copyrights of which have expired in one country while still applying in another. Wikimedia Commons tries to ensure that any such restrictions are mentioned on the image description page; however, it is the responsibility of reusers to ensure that the use of the media is according to the license and violates no applicable law.

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It aims to help uploaders decide whether an image or other media file is acceptable on Wikimedia Commons.

If you are a re-user looking for information on how to use Commons content in your own work, see Commons: Reusing content outside Wikimedia.

Works which are not available under a license which meets the Definition of Free Cultural Works are explicitly not allowed.

See the Wikimedia Foundation board resolution on licensing for more information.

Thus, it is preferable to publish the work with a dual license, adding to the GFDL a license that permits use of the photo or text easily; a Creative Commons license, for example.

Also, do not use the GPL and LGPL licenses as the only license for your own works if it can be avoided, as they are not really suitable for anything but software.

All copyrighted material on Commons (not in the public domain) must be licensed under a free license that specifically and irrevocably allows anyone to use the material for any purpose; simply writing that "the material may be used freely by anyone" or similar isn't sufficient.

In particular, the license must meet the following conditions: Sometimes, authors wish to release a lower quality or lower resolution version of an image or video under a free license, while applying stricter terms to higher quality versions.

However, the distinctions are unclear and may differ from country to country.

Here are a few examples to clarify: This is often problematic, if the artwork is not the primary content of the image or is not clearly recognizable: in that case, usually only the creator of the resulting picture (recording, etc.) holds a copyright.

It would be best to do this immediately in the summary field on the upload form.


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