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If you're unsure whether you must provide a disabled employee with a specific accommodation, you might want to get some legal help.

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You don't have to provide an accommodation if it would cause your business "undue hardship." For instance, if the cost of an accommodation would eat up an entire year's profits (building a new wing on your office building, for example), you don't have to do it.

Whether an accommodation qualifies as undue hardship depends on a number of factors, including: You and the employee may have different opinions about what constitutes a reasonable accommodation and what would be an undue hardship.

However, once an employee informs you of his or her disability, you must engage in what the law calls a "flexible interactive process" -- essentially, a brainstorming dialogue with your worker to figure out what kinds of accommodations might be effective and practical.

You do not have to give your worker the precise accommodation he or she requests, but you must work together to come up with a reasonable solution.

There are three ways in which a worker can qualify for protection under the ADA: For an impairment to be a legal disability, it must be long term.


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