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Sky One, a British satellite TV network, is in deep trouble over their new reality show entitled "Find me a Man." The show challenged six "lively and outgoing" men to spent a fortnight trying to woo a leggy South American brunette called Miriam, while staying at her luxury villa in Ibiza.

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It's gone from enforcing the Hays Code to enforcing the Gays Code. Announce it's really a "transfirmative action" cartoon.

Jin Xing, the first person in China to have her transgender identity recognised by the government, is a household name as a talk-show host.

The same is also releasing a new 10-part Web series called "Transparent," about a 70-year-old father of three who decides he's a woman named Maura. Willa Paskin at the liberal website Slate is a perfect example.

"To call it Amazon's first great series, or the only great series of the new fall season — both of which are true — is to damn it with faint praise."Let's put aside the notion of art — whether the acting or screenwriting is effective — and dwell on reality. Getting the cultural politics right are the alpha and the omega here.

At the end of the show she sat them down and told them, 'I've got something to show you', then lifted up her skirt."One contestant was so outraged, he hit the producer in the face.

The London Daily Mail reports now issues a content warning to viewers before they live-stream the second volume of classic "Tom and Jerry" cartoons.Viewers are lectured the cartoons "may depict some ethnic and racial prejudices that were once commonplace in American society.Such depictions were wrong then and are wrong today."If you think this makes sense, dear reader, you, too, have lost your mind. TV critics and the wider media are falling all over themselves expressing glory and praise for this cultural landmark.I hope my programme can spur the public to debate issues such as discrimination against single-parent families and misogynistic standards for choosing a girlfriend.People will reflect on whether they themselves adopt similar attitudes or what they should do when facing such a circumstance.On the surface, my programme is about matchmaking; essentially it involves social issues including family education, social values, male chauvinism or feminism.


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