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Being security cleared does not provide a guarantee of future reliability and all security clearances are kept under review to ensure that the necessary level of assurance is maintained.

This review is carried out by government departments and government sponsored contractors who are responsible for the oversight and aftercare of individuals granted a security clearance.

If you are a Civil Servant or serving in Forces, this will be arranged when it is decided that you need to undergo clearance.

process includes a check of your identity documents and employment and education references.

We will carry out criminal records and credit reference checks and a check against security service records.

The reason we require a financial questionnaire can vary.

One of the standard checks we carry out when someone is being security cleared is with a credit reference agency.

Note: Due to security reasons we are unable to populate an individual’s form from information previously provided so even if you have been vetted before you will need to go through the process again.

Government resources are committed every time a clearance is requested so it is essential that this is used correctly.

You are entitled under data protection legislation to apply to see the personal data that we hold on you.

This should be done by submitting a Subject Access Request (, we will have 30 calendar days to reply.

If you have been living overseas, or in service or similar accommodation, we may have little or no information about you and we will be unable to assess your suitability for clearance.

The completed questionnaire enables us to proceed with your clearance.

We may also request that you have a medical examination.

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