Updating mythbuntu

Going Linux #343 · Hi DPI Auto-detection in Ubuntu MATE Introduction Alone again, naturally.

Adjusting for 4K on Linux High-resolution scaling limitations The best Hi DPI Linux Desktops (until now) Ubuntu MATE's auto-detection and auto-adjust settings Choosing a Hi DPI resolution Adjusting Ubuntu MATE's new Hi DPI settings Hope for the future of high-resolution support on Linux goinglinux.com, [email protected], 1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe End Serge provides multiple suggestions for replacing Skype.

Going Linux #345 · Apt and apt-get and aptitude, oh my!

Introduction Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS released Debian-based Packages explained by 'minion' Ken Leyba Debian-based package managers package anatomy The dpkg command-line tool The advance packaging tool - apt Aptitude Synaptic Just for fun Are you a minion?

There are newer forms of installing software, for example using portable app installers like Appimage, Snap or Flatpak.

In this episode we describe the common methods of installing applications on Debian-based distributions.

We make our recommendations of which to use, but we don't quite agree.

Going Linux #331 · Whole Disk Cloning on Linux Introduction Podcast 'guests' Backup Strategies Cloning a hard drive on Linux G4L dd: Native Linux cloning tool Partimage Partclone Clonezilla Our recommendations Bye bye Skype Hello Discord goinglinux.com, [email protected], 1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe End Going Linux #330 · Listener Feedback Introduction David: Hard drive issue was hardware Greg: Really REALLY old computers Roger: Telegram? Troy: Learned something new Bob: Here's HOW he solved his mouse configuration problems Bob: A strange network problem Tips on listening to music while you work goinglinux.com, [email protected], 1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe End This time we talk about several of the common things you may be familiar with in Windows and describe how you do those same things while using Linux.

If you are the kind of person who wants to follow along while you listen on-line, wants to go back in the audio to the important bits, wants to find that link we mentioned that you couldn't write down because you were driving or walking or working out, then this is your page!

Here you will find links to the topics we cover as well as links to software, websites articles, and other resources mentioned in the episodes of Going Linux.

Mint Chris: Recommendation for configuration management Jeff: Back channel connections to Solus Justin: Recommendation on a light-weight distribution goinglinux.com, [email protected], 1-904-468-7889, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe End Dec 20: #336 · 2017 Year End Review Dec 05: #335 · Listener Feedback Nov 05: #334 · Listener Feedback Oct 20: #333 · One Installation File - Many Linux Distributions Oct 05: #332 · Listener Feedback Sep 20: #331 · Whole Disk Cloning on Linux Sep 05: #330 · Listener Feedback Aug 20: #329 · Using 4K Monitors on Linux Aug 05: #328 · Listener Feedback Jul 20: #327 · Things You Can Do In Windows And How To Do Them In Linux Jul 05: #326 · Listener Feedback Jun 20: #325 · Getting Rid of 'Cruft' After An Upgrade Jun 05: #324 · Listener Feedback May 20: #323 · Ubuntu MATE: A Typical Linux Distribution May 05: #322 · Listener Feedback Apr 20: #321 · Sabayon Revisited Apr 05: #320 · Listener Feedback Mar 20: #319 · Backups with Grsync Mar 05: #318 · Listener Feedback Feb 20: #317 · Linux Distros Reviewed Feb 05: #316 · Listener Feedback Jan 20: #315 · 10th Anniversary Episode Jan 05: #314 · Listener Feedback Going Linux #336 · 2017 Year End Review Introduction Highlights of 2017 Ubuntu MATE: Two books and a guide within the distribution.

Goodbye net neutrality The Minion Network begins Linux takes over the world!

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