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We built this bar to store and deliver craft beer under its most ideal conditions. Barley Wines today can be broken into to main styles: American and English.

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This did not stop production or demand—Barley Wines were brewed more selectively.

It did, however, lead to a slow long-term decline in the alcohol content.

Unlike Stock Ales that were brewed for the purpose of blending, Barley Wines were brewed to be consumed without blending.

The high price of these beers generally made them only accessible to the very rich.

We are based in Middleton in North Manchester and own JW Lees Brewery, JW Lees Pubs, The Alderley Edge Hotel, The Trearddur Bay Hotel and Willoughby’s Wine Merchants.

JW Lees is a sixth-generation family business which employs just over 1,000 people, 140 at the brewery and site in Middleton Junction in North Manchester and 865 in its 36 managed pubs, inns and hotels, as well as letting a further 105 tied pubs to self-employed tenants.

Pale malt makes up the backbone of the grist with the addition of caramel malts.

American versions will use proportionally more hops than English versions.

JW Lees is a family brewery company which was founded in 1828.

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