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That point was made very clear to me during the taping of my first episode. In my mind, I went back over the year and a few encounters flashed rather brightly. Tempestt asked me, “Joseph, what is the youngest age girl you would date? Do you mean date, or do you mean I then recalled the encounter the previous day.The first episode had my character, Martin, along with his baby daughter, Olivia meeting the Huxtable family for the first time. Of course, she can have some ice cream.” The audience sat in complete–and I mean complete–silence. Most of all, I was going to make certain that I was never standing around hoping someone would speak to me. Sure, in some places in the world, 28-year-old men dated–even married 16-year-old girls. Then there was a conversation we had one afternoon while sitting in the stands during rehearsal. In the same way we had talked about music, we were talking about fashion. ” I was 27 at the time and because of the show, my dating calendar was full and the range of women I was dating was rather wide. I had come off of the elevator, rounded the corner, and tripped over Tempestt, who had stopped in the middle of the entrance to the hallway to tie her shoe.The conversation about how young I would date was not an inquiry about me, but was meant to get a general sense of men’s attitudes about dating younger women, (or in her case, girls).

"Guys with Kids" is a comedy from Emmy Award-winning executive producer Jimmy Fallon about three 30-something dads who try to hold on to their youth as they face the responsibilities of having kids.

Thankfully, Gary (Anthony Anderson, "Law & Order"), Chris (Jesse Bradford, "The West Wing") and Nick (Zach Cregger, "Friends with Benefits") have each other to help navigate the highs and lows of fatherhood - while still trying desperately to remain dudes.

No tantrum is too loud, no diaper is too dirty - Nick, Chris and Gary are up to the challenge.

Joining Fallon ("Late Night with Jimmy Fallon") as executive producers/creators are Charlie Grandy (NBC's "The Office") and Amy Ozols ("Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"); executive producers are Rick Wiener and Kenny Schwartz ("Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place," "American Dad").

While we were talking, Bill took a call from Alvin Poussaint, the psychiatrist and Harvard professor who consulted on the show. Doctor Poussaint listened to my story and then told me that, as I imagined, Tempestt had a crush on me and was fishing to see if I was interested in her. It turns out that Tempestt didn’t have a crush on me after all.

I still think she was a weird 16-year-old girl, but apparently she wasn’t interested in my ashy behind any more than I was interested in hers.Earlier this year, she was reunited with her TV dad while appearing on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," where the duo recreated one of the beloved show's most famous moments.Watch the two dancing to Ray Charles' "Night Time Is the Right Time" in 2013 ...All these guys are coming and they pretend they like you.” VIDEO: ‘SNL' Gives Obama a ‘Cosby Show’ Makeover Bledsoe recalled that when she decided to attend college while shooting , she started signing up for classes on Friday, her day off.When Cosby found out, he told her to take a full course load, with classes at any time, saying the show would work around her schedule.I was also now positive that the reason Tempestt had asked about my cut-off age for dating was because she wanted to know if she had a chance.“Something just happened. ” I often called Susan to come to my dressing room in an attempt to get a bit of hugging and kissing.


  1. Strahan introduced Rinaldi, who broke down the story as Roberts and her retired football player co-host both excitedly talked about the news on air.

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