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But if you think that'd be enough to get him to look for love outside Bachelor Nation, think again, because Brad's next girlfriend might sound pretty familiar as well: Ash Lee Frazier.She had already made her own appearance on The Bachelor (Season 17, with Sean Lowe) when the two dated in 2013, but having that in common apparently wasn't enough to keep them together, as they split soon afterward.

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Both of them had their first meeting in the city of Texas.

They too shared a picture on their social media account in which both of them have been hugging each other.

Until that manifests, however, I'm gonna say he's single.

Might have something to do with the fact that he publicly said, "I think I dodged a bullet with that relationship" in reference to Emily.

"I went on a date with him," she wrote on the community forum.

"Ashley [Hebert] and[ Jp Rosenbaum] kinda set us up.But what's even crazier, when you stop to think about it, is the link between Womack and Frazier.Let us explain: Had Womack and Emily Maynard not broken off their engagement (after his second go-round as Bachelor), she would never have become a Bachelorette.Since then, there's been nothing, and, even worse, no social media accounts to use for digging purposes.So it's definitely possible that Brad is dating someone now, and just keeping it under the radar.It was told by the ex husband of Ashlee that he is quite happy that his ex wife has started life once again. Ashlee made an official declaration that she is single now.


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