Wonder woman superman dating

We think everyone can agree that Superman is a huge jerk.

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Indifferent to it all, Superman finishes the job and pats himself on the back for a gentrification well done.

Not soon after the demolished slums are replaced with splendidly huge apartments, all of which are probably way too expense for the poor former residents to afford.

Eventually all this humiliation becomes too much too bare and Olsen takes legal action to cancel the adoption.

All too pleased with the arrangement, Superman lets him go and by the end of reveals his being the world's worst father was all a charade.

Good or bad, it's all the same to the Last Murderer of Krypton.

One of his more coldblooded kills came during the New 52 crossover . Light has joined up and while trying to get his bearings mistakenly attacks Wonder Woman (who's dating Supes at the time).Also, what's with his always dying, leaving the planet to fend for itself, and then miraculously coming back to life with a mullet? Of course, while mullets aren't inherently evil, they sure don't strengthen his case. In the Golden Age, the Man of Steel tried to correct social ills by needlessly ruining people's lives.In the Silver Age, he took pleasure in tormenting his closest friends.Sure their namesake was responsible for this whole mess in the first place and brought about the death of millions, but they meant well and certainly didn't deserve to get pan fried alive.When Superman finds out where the group is holding its meetings, he quickly flies into action and in response they start chanting the Joker's name.However, that's not really an excuse nor does it make Superman's overkill of a response any less horrible.

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