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· 123456 – Another common password which is easy to guess.Instead, Get Safe Online suggests you try to use a password (that you can remember) at least eight characters long – mix up numbers and letters, and throw in upper and lower case letters where the options are available. Remember, although these passwords might initially be more difficult for you to remember, they are also more difficult to crack!Since long passwords are the norm today, try to find a multi-threaded password-cracking utility that can attempt several password combinations at the same time.

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To ensure you have a safe online experience, we suggest visiting Get Safe Online to share the latest guidance on choosing and storing passwords for all your important online accounts.

· P2ssword/access – commonly used because they are memorable, but they’re also obvious.

· Your birthday/anniversary/pet’s name – anything directly associated with you does not make a good password.

Get Safe Online is a joint initiative between the Government, law enforcement, leading businesses and the public sector.

It aims to encourage the safe, secure and confident use of the internet.The basic idea is to bypass the mechanism that checks for the password. For example, some software piracy websites contain homemade patches that circumvent copy protection or license-enforcement mechanisms for various applications.I have used circumvention to crack a password only once.Although this concept seems simple enough, it can be quite difficult.You can't just start entering password combinations at the Windows sign-in screen, for example.Dictionary cracks are similar to brute-force cracks except that the cracking utility uses words out of a dictionary rather than trying every possible password combination.


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