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The only thing "wrong" with this cymbal is that it looks like it was set on it's edge on a concrete floor because it's a touch rough in one spot on the edge, but otherwise it's in great shape.

Should I just leave that alone, or should I try to smooth it in some way - I could take the roughness out with some light taps on the edge with a hammer, or I could lightly hit it with a fine tooth file, but it might be best to just leave it alone. "95% of the average 'weekend warrior's' problems could be solved by an additional 30 minutes of insightful practice." -- Anonymous "Let's be honest... "95% of the average 'weekend warrior's' problems could be solved by an additional 30 minutes of insightful practice." -- Anonymous "Let's be honest...

Here is a (not very good, sorry) picture of my ride: Kits: Pearl BLX, Bordeaux Red: 22", 10", 12", 14", 15". Remo Mastertouch, Gold: 2x22", 10", 12", 13", 14",16". drummers don't have piles of money laying around, just piles of drums." -- Gord the Drummer My 22" Sabian Ride as well as my 18" Sabian Rocktagon are also pre AA designation.

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Which is why if youre a drummer like me, who has been pining away for a taste of that Quincy jazz grandeur, your search may have just ended, because in a fitting affirmation of definitive A.

Zildjian verities, the folks at Norwell are now offering consumers a limited edition commemorative instrument modeled faithfully on one of Prior to the release of this Limited Edition 19 A.

The Zildjian Vault is a reference library of stock carried over from the companys original Behind this locked gate are an incredible repository of historical instruments: vintage cymbals dating from just around the end of World War II, through the golden age of modern jazz in the 1950s, and those days of lost innocence just prior to the coming of the Beatleswhen all hell broke loose in the percussion industry.

But the folks at Zildjian were nice enough to let me pick out an ancient 14 A. Zildjian connoisseuralbeit a connoisseur who does not own a single vintage KZ, as most of the older ones that passed through my hands werent worth a damnis that its about time we afford equal time to vintage A.

Therefore, the first wave of serialized cymbals available from Zildjian would begin ID, representing 94, (because I is the 9th letter of the alphabet, and D is the 4th) indicating that the cymbal was manufactured in 1994; serial numbers appearing on cymbals made in 2000 begin JJ, with 2001 beginning JA, et cetera; 2010 serial numbers will read AJ, while 2011 will read AA, and so on.

And while patriarch Armand Zildjian wasnt physically present at the time, his spirit and that of his father, the Turkish-born Avedis Zildjian and the entire extended Zildjian family was alive and well in that caged-off area just adjacent to the main cymbal storage facilities.Zildjian Armand Ride, the Zildjian company had already made a trip down memory lane with the introduction of their Avedis Zildjian & Cie Vintage-line, which constitutes an attempt at recapturing the shimmering sound and feel of pre-World War II cymbals.As such, younger drummers, whove cut their teeth on the power and projection of modern-day A.Zildjians, and I myself noticed the difference in the basic template of my own vintage 14 Paperthin and the companys original release of 14, 15 and 16 Zildjian & Cie Vintage crashes.Be that as it may, these are some of the most melodically focused, musically articulate crash cymbals in my sonic menagerie, and their unique attack and decay characteristics contrast nicely with the more aggressive sonic qualities of modern A. With the addition of a 20 Ride, an 18 Crash and 14 Hi-Hats to the Zildjian & Cie Vintage line, these cymbals are ideally suited for those drummers who favor an exceptionally light, thin-throated stick, along the lines of a 7A.My current list goes: ID - 1994 IE - 1995 IF - 1996 IG - 1997 IH - 1998 (K Cons start) II - 1999 JJ - 2000 (CIE start) JA - 2001 JB - 2002 JC - 2003 JD - 2004 JE - 2005 JF - 2006 JG - 2007 (Armands in, CIE out) JH - 2008 JI - 2009 AJ - 2010 (CIE rarities year) AA - 2011 AB - 2012 AC - 2013 (Armands out except BB, redesigned A line) AD - 2014 (Kerope line) (not yet verified) AE - 2015 AF - 2016 AG - 2017 AH - 2018 AI - 2019 BJ - 2020 and I'm slowly annotating it when lines come in or out. It's to go into an American Zildjian wiki which I think is the best place for this sort of history stuff.

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